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Lenovo ideacentre 3: buro pcs with amd-zen processors from 195 euro

Lenovo IdeaCentre 3: Buro PCs with AMD-ZEN processors from 195 Euro

Several handlers are currently selling Lenovos Buro PCs of the Ideacentre 3 series with discount. If you need a cheap desktop PC with sufficient performance for Office programs at short notice, you can strike. In the eye, three models with AMDs beginner-zen processors Ryzen 3 3250U, Athlon 3050E and 3020E (without additional name). All three use two CPU cores including integrated Radeon graphics unit; The Ryzen model works four threads thanks to Simultaneous Multithreaading (SMT).

The most favorable variant with 3020e sold Media Markt for just under 195 euros. Due to the price, users have to make compromises in the facilities: Windows 10 Home is preinstalled on a 1 TB of gross hard drive and not on an SSD. In addition, Lenovo installed a single DDR4-2400 bolt in the single-channel user can thanks free slots a second RAM latch and an M.2-SSD (SATA 6G or PCIE 3.0 x4) revered. A 90-watt power supply is installed internally in the 7.4-liter housing.

SSD in the 270 Euro PC

Several handlers drove a configuration from 270 euros, which was allowed to fire thanks to Athlon 3050U, 256-GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM (dual-channel) in everyday life clearly thunders. If you need more storage space, you can reduce a 3.5-inch HDD or adapter a 2.5-inch SSD.

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Nuclear power: rosatom should not build czech reactor dukovany ii

The Czech government excludes the Russian group Rosatom from the tender for the planned atomic reactor Dukovany II. On Monday she adopted a deciding draft of the Minister for Industry, and Trade and Traffic Karel Havlicek.

The previous nuclear power plant Dukovany consists of four reactors of the Soviet Type WWER 440 / W-213 with 500 MW power. They went to the grid between 1985 and 1987, the originally planned runtime has reached and should now be replaced by new. The Czech nuclear supervision had two new reactors approved in Marz.

Three candidates

For the now upcoming security assessment, which preceded the actual tendering, the French group of EDF, the Sudkorean company KHNP and Westinghouse from North America were used, writes Havlicek on his Twitter account. Why Rosatom was excluded from the communication of the Czech government.

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Of the beam in one’s own eye

The U.S. Department of Defense on Monday delayed its annual report on the state of human rights worldwide, but still released it at an inopportune time

In view of the growing criticism of U.S. human rights policy, it is a rather thankless task to present the annual report of the U.S. Department of Defense on the human rights situation worldwide. This is especially true this year: While new pictures of abused Iraqi prisoners of war are published almost daily, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Richard Armitage presented the paper in Washington on Monday. The publication was originally planned for the 5. had been scheduled for May. However, because of the torture scandal in Iraq, Washington decided to postpone the decision.

Armitage was therefore left with nothing to do on Monday but go on the offensive. "I am pleased to present this report at a time when the whole world is looking at what is happening in Abu Ghraib", said the diplomat. After all, this attention exists "quite rightly". When President George W. Bush had expressed his dismay at the abuses in Iraq, he said, this was not just the reaction of a "principled man" been, "it was also the reaction of the president of a country that is committed to the highest standards of domestic and foreign policy", said Armitage.

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Where are the refugees from idomeni?

UNHCR is concerned, the Greek government reacts offended

Already in ancient Greece, the image of the many-headed Hydra had to be used when one wanted to make clear to someone that by trying to solve a problem, he had only caused more trouble. For every head of the mythical monster that was cut off, four more grew back. It pays to the twelve heroic deeds of Heracles to have completely decapitated the Hydra in battle and thus to have hunted it down.

The evacuation of the Idomeni refugee camp, completed ahead of schedule yesterday, was hailed as such a Herculean task by the government in Athens. It reported to have shipped 3817 people from Idomeni to other camps. In addition, it hewn, Idomeni is now completely cleared. But where did the other inhabitants of the camp go?? For until a week ago, more than 11.000 people regularly in the wild camp at the border. At the beginning of the previously announced evacuation, the authorities paid 8199 people.

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Syria: u.s. Launches air offensive on olive fields under is control

Operation Tidal Wave II will not only affect the financial infrastructure of the caliphate

Russian military operations in Syria have long made U.S. airstrikes look less effective – even more so after yesterday’s successes by the Syrian army (Caliphate in Two-Front War). Today there are two news stories to counter that perception: the drone attack on "Jihadi John" and the announcement of the Pentagon, where, according to the New York Times, it has been decided to deprive IS of an important source of income with a wave of attacks on oil fields.

Whether the drone strike killed Mohammed Emwazi, a.k.a. Jihadi John, has not yet been reliably confirmed. Undeniably, the public attention is already for the attempt of targeted killing of an IS brutal icon. Jihadi John appears in several IS capital videos.

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Where soldiers bang around the corner

Newly developed high-tech handgun enables firing at live opponents in blind spots

Not only in military battles, especially snipers are furrowed, which from a safe distance can take enemies under fire. "Normal" The soldiers have a much harder time, as they usually have to face the enemy directly. The Israeli anti-terror specialist Amos Golan has developed a firearm with a swiveling barrel and camera especially for house-to-house combat, which can be used relatively safely to shoot at targets outside one’s own field of vision and to locate hidden resistance. The US military is in the forefront.

A few days ago, at a firearms test site near Tel Aviv, a very special handgun was presented, which could have come from the arsenal of the legendary 007 outrider Q. Former members of Israeli SWAT commandos demonstrated a weapon system that may well revolutionize urban house-to-house combat.

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Pytorch lightning 1.0: pytorch, only faster and more flexible

Pytorch Lightning 1.0: Pytorch, only faster and more flexible

The project Pytorch Lightning presented in March 2019 has the milestone in the version number 1.0 achieves how the developer team has now announced the Grunder William Falcon. The Pytorch-based framework for the training of machine-learning models occurs immediately with a final and stable API. Pytorch Lightning wants to create complex scientific ML and deep-learning model training easier and scalable. For this purpose, the framework – in contrast to, Pytorch – on the one hand to interaction between models and on the other hand is consistently between the model training and the perpendicular to the necessary computing infrastructure.

Cut out model and platform code

The promise of the Pytorch Lightning-maker is: Complex ML and DL models can also be carried out on multiple GPUs, TPUs and CPUs and, if necessary, in 16-bit accuracy without having to upload the code. However, this requires a clear structuring of deep-learning projects in four areas: the model code written for training fleesen into the so-called LightningModule. Engineering Code for the hardware and platform-specific accurations remains the Lightning Trainer. The data to be examined can be organized either about Pytorch Dataloaders or in a LightningData Module. In addition, the code required, for example for logging, can be integrated into callbacks.

During the approach of a sequence of processing steps in the modules of widespread ML frameworks such as Pytorch is well suited for training and the productive use of complex models, the team behind Pytorch Lightning attaches its focus to the particularly challenging trap of interacting models. Generative Adversarial Networks (GaN), BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) or Auto Encoder Open by Interaction Although coarse flexibility, which can quickly become an obstacle when scaling projects. Therefore, Pytorch Lightning builds on the concept of a deep-learning system that interacts the compatible rules interacting models in a collar.

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India: continuing to row in the cloaca

India: continuing to row in the cloaca

The Adyar River and the other two rivers of Chennai, at this time of year, consist almost entirely of sewage. Photo: Gilbert Kolonko

In Chennai, South India, an efficient solution is already being practiced to end India’s water crisis. But it prefers to invest in questionable coarse projects while sewage rivers and cesspool lakes proliferate

In front of me dense, green grass, as far as the eye could see. To that end, a sign posted by the Tamil Nadu Wildlife Conservation Authority advises people not to put plastic in the local Pallikanarai-wetlands. But already the nose says that something stinks here.

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North korean rocket test: trump appeased

North Korean rocket test: Trump appeased

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump in Hanoi, February 2019. Photo: Weibe house

According to Sudkorean details are several of the North Korean Kuste "Projectile" fired

North Korea has apparently tested missiles again. However, little clarity prevails which flight body were shot straight and which message could be left. In Japan, one is not too troubled by the youngest North Korean militar action, as it should be rockets with a small range, as the Tageschau reports.

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Trading war: pc components are more expensive in the usa

Trading War: PC components are more expensive in the USA

Last year, for many US companies, customs drafts, which will postpone the criminal directed in 2018 and 2019 against Chinese imports. Among other things, hardware manufacturers, for example, benefited from graphics cards and motherboards. In the New Year’s Eve, these customs drafts ran, consequently many US imports from China have been since 1. January up to 25 percent more expensive.

In a Facebook group, an ASUS employee has made aware of the problem and an official increase in the US price recommendations of graphics cards and motherboards in view. The group is closed; the website Anandtech Shows a screenshot. Other manufacturers have not explored no price higher, but they were tacitly imported.

Not yet in the EU

The price risks first relate to customers in the USA – in German trade show no detections so far. However, the pasting give outlook what could happen should the US and China spread the mutual trade war. Initial US products has already proven the EU with criminal targets, in response to the unauthorized US subsidies for the aircraft builder Boeing.

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