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Hiroshima: attack command came from germany

Hiroshima: Attack command came from Germany

Trinity explosion 0.016 seconds after round. Image:

Uber the decision during the Potsdam Conference

At 6. August 1945 the nuclear bomb attack on Hiroshima for the 70. Times. Meanwhile are over 280.000 people died in the consequences of this attack. The last survivors, the so-called Hibakushas, will gather – like every year – in the Peace Park of Hiroshima to commemorate the victim. Often it will look that the commission command to destroy the city from Germany came because of the responsible US Prassident Harry S. Truman at that time participated in the Potsdam Conference.

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Innovative mammoth project or airborne slobbering?

The CargoLifter Project

The vision of CargoLifter AG, founded by Dr. Carl von Gablenz, the chairman of the board, in September 1996, is a global transport system based on helium airships for heavy loads. It is to be this "point to point" zu beliebigen Bestimmungsorten zu transportieren. From 2004, the CL160 with a length of about 260 meters and a diameter of about 65 meters will be produced in series. The flight performance of the airship is a range of 10.000 km at a maximum flight altitude of 2.000 m and a volume of 550.000 m3. The payload of 160 tons of the "Flying crane" means a weight of about 480 tons. This means that a CargoLifter would be about one third heavier than a fully loaded jumbo jet.

innovative mammoth project or airship?

An airship is not an airplane. Interview with the chairman of the board of CargoLifter AG, Dr. Carl von Gablenz.

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Where is the edge of the plate?

Which topics sparked interest among readers – and which fell through?

The upcoming turn of the year always calls for a review and subsequently also offers an author the opportunity to realign himself for the coming year. In contrast to numerous hobby blogs, which propagate certain topics in the interest of their own mission or vision and do not necessarily pay attention to reader response, it makes little sense for Telepolis to publish past reader interest.

A not entirely unimportant indication of reader interest can be deduced from the number of comments on the respective contributions. It can be amed that articles that only arouse little interest will also only prompt a small number of commentary contributions. Certain inaccuracies naturally result from the general news situation, which directed the attention of the readers at the time of the publication on other emphasis.

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Eu commission: million penalty for steam operators valve and funf game companies

EU Commission: Million penalty for Steam operators Valve and funf game companies

7.8 million euros penalty Muses Valve – the operator of the Game Platform Steam – as well as five other game companies pay because they have violated antitrust law. The EU Commission saw it as proved that the companies made agreements for GeOblocking during the distribution of computer games. Besides Valve, Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home, Cook Media and Zenimax are affected.

According to EU communication, FUF companies had agreed with Valve, games that have been distributed over other handlers on DVD or online with geographically enabled activation connections from Steam. These games then only love them from certain countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Experiments of users to authenticate themselves with these Keys, were blocked from 2010 to 2015. Also four of the companies had an appointment with other handlers by 2018, to surprise largeable sells.

Geblocking at 100 games

Overall, this geblocking has affected around 100 game titles of different genres, including sports, simulation and action games. EU consumers had the advantage of the benefit of choosing the best deal in various Member States of the European Economic Area, demonstrating the EU Commission.

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Cross platform development: qt 6.2 responds missing modules from the 5 series

The QT Company has the first beta of QT 6.2 published. The release should finally with the module circumference of the 5.Fight x version of the cross-platform framework. There are also some assessments in the already ported modules, including particle effects in QT Quick3D and advanced features in QT Core.

Version 6.2 becomes the first LTS release (Long-Term Support) of the 6.X series, but like version 5.15 as last 5.X-LTS Release Only for the commercial variant. At the beginning of 2020, the QT Company had adjusted a few conditions and enrolled the long-term support.

The lights in the module sound can be found

The well-groomed hurde when switching from QT 5.X On the 6 Series is so far in the lubrication implementation of the modules. So the QT Company had the QT 6 published in December 2020.0 denoted and contested as an incomplete starting point for the next QT generation, the lights compared to 5.X to fuel with the first two point releases. The version 6 published in May.1 brought eight missing modules with.

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Dell ultrasharp u4021qw: high-ranking monitor as thunderbolt docking station

In the run-up to the Virtual CES 2021, Dell has called a series of new business monitors, including the Oberlashemodell Ultrasharp U4021QW. It represents as a third display the highest 21: 9 resolution of 5120 × 2160 pixels – the first to the three monitors on a diagonal of rounded 40 inches (39.7 inches).

A factory-calibrated IPS panel is used, which should have a maximum delta-E color deviation of 2 in SRGB mode. The latter color space covers the ultrasharp U4021QW complete, DCI-P3 to 98 percent. The display shows 1.07 billion colors, but Dell did not betray whether the above a real 10-bit processing per color channel or frame rate control (FRC) is done.

The refresh rate is 60 Hertz, the brightness at 300 cd / m² and the contrast with IPS-typical 1000: 1. With a reaction time of 5 ms at normal overdrive setting, the monitor is given to the rather slow representatives of its kind.

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Enterprise java: eclipse foundation free jakarta ee 9

Enterprise Java: Eclipse Foundation Free Jakarta EE 9

After a long range with two multi-month appointment displacements, the Eclipse Foundation has released the Jakarta Enterprise Edition in Version 9. The individual specifications are now available in the final catch on the website of the Jakarta-EE working group. It is to be expected that in the coming months, the Gehrigen Java Application Server strive for a certification to Jakarta EE 9.

Since 2018, Jakarta EE is the name of the Enterprise Edition of Java and leads the history of Java EE Fort. The ninth edition brings no substantial innovations, but from trademark grunden, however, the APIs contained the Java Package Prafix of "javax" on "Jakarta". The conversion of existing applications therefore requires a review of its own source code, which was most recently in Java EE 5 with the introduction of annotations.

Jakarta EE is a collection of industrial standards that allow to program corporate applications in Java, which are independent of the application server used. Surgical expenses of Jakarta EE are intended to introduce new skills and responds to the Cloud Environment. In 2017 Oracle had the then Java EE on the Eclipse Foundation.

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Wi-fi-wireless memory card

Wi-Fi-wireless memory card

Most inexpensive 3D printers may receive printed files for lack of network connection on a memory card or via the USB port. This is not only more duly, but in the long run for the printer card slot not healthy.

The project Espwebdav of the Github User Ardyesp If there is an elegant way: Over an SD card adapter, it does not only connect a micro SD card to the adapter connections, but also with an ESP8266 module. On this a WebDAV server works (WEb-ased DIstributed AUthoring and VESSIONING, Internet Protocol for transferring files), with the help of which files can be stored on the map memory on the map.

If you know that you know: something similar under the name Eyefi. These memory cards, especially for cameras, were able to transfer files on Wi-Fi to a map manufacturer’s internet server, from where you could then access it. After switching off this server, however, this network function did not love to use, local access did not allow the Eyefi cards. This is different with this project, because the server is not somewhere on the Internet, but on the ESP module.

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Ecitaro g: daimler build electric articulated bus – even with hard body battery

Daimler wants to offer another electric city bus with the Mercedes-Benz Ecitaro G. As the short suggests, it is a hinge bus that offers up to 157 passengers and also a driver. For the ECITARO G, according to the manufacturer, there are good 60 performed; He should be delivered this year.

As the first omnibus of its category, the Ecitaro G is optionally delivered with hard corner batteries, Daimler shared with. These are lithium-polymer batteries in which the usually liquid electrolyte is in a solid form. This battery type does not use cobalt, nickel or manganese. With seven battery packs, the ECITARO G reaches a total capacity of 441 kWh, which is intended for urban use of urban use.

Ranges with fuel cell

Otherwise, the Ecitaro G with lithium-ion batteries in NMC execution will be considered, which should come to a capacity of 396 kWh again this year. Mercedes-Benz wants to offer both battery locations, as hard corner batteries in contrast to lithium-ion batteries are very engraved for a quick and thus permanent loading.

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Electric cars: china criticizes tesla

Electric cars: China criticizes Tesla

Chinese authorities have admonished Tesla to respond more to customer complaints. Among other things, it is about complaints because of battery beds, unexpected acceleration and failed software updates over radio, such as Chinese media report.

The US electric car manufacturer suggested in a Weibo post, he will review the causes for the complaints and his business expires and strictly adheres to the Chinese consumer protection laws China Daily.

Create consumer interests

Recently, among other things, representatives of the Chinese Ministry of Transport, Industrial Ministry and the State Market Supervisory Authority met with Tesla representatives. These were referred to the complaints and has been prompted to maintain consumer interests more efficiently, it is called in a government announcement.

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