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Diligent celebrations, snotty protests

Given the guideline that Germany’s freedom is nowadays also defended in the Hindu Kush, the Bundeswehr is preparing for glorious times

In order to be prepared in terms of image and to anchor the necessity of a modern army in the public consciousness, it resorts to various means: on the one hand, there are campaigns that are copied from television formats (cf. (e.g. Bundeswehr is looking for the superstar) on the other hand real classics like the official recruit swearing-in ceremony.

Tradition never this, the Bundeswehr, too, with its penchant for cultivating tradition (cf. Maintaining military tradition in Mittenwald. And so the attempts to turn the Bundeswehr into a pop phenomenon still seem slightly awkward, while traditional uniform changes such as recruit swearing-in ceremonies are handled with confident routine. The process is always the same: There are speeches, then there’s a rallying cry, then it’s done. The decoration can be selected from the fund of state events, which should radiate dignity, determination and solemn seriousness. torches, fires, and backdrops that serve the state’s own polite self-interpretation (e.g., a "national" event).B. the Bendlerblock), are always appropriate. Politicians present at such events sometimes wear uniforms.

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In the gold rush

Aus der Umweltkatastrophe in Baia Mare hat Rumanien wenig gelernt: Wieder bedroht ein Goldbergbau Natur und historisches Erbe

Romania is on the way to Europe. In 2007, the country will become a member of the European Union, according to the decision of the EU summit in Copenhagen. It can be a long road: A study (PDF) by the Open Society Institute has just revealed that Romania is the state most plagued by corruption among the EU accession candidates. In Romania itself, the tarps of Canadian mining company Gabriel Resources Ltd. are currently causing.The small town of Rosia Montana is to make way for a gold mine that will 2.000 people will be forced to relocate, the environment will be massively threatened, and the Roman mining settlement of Alburnus Maior will be destroyed, an archaeological treasure of the first order.


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Greece: “democratization of the golden morgenrote”?

Greece:'demokratisierung der goldenen morgenrote'?

Handle of the golden morning red on a demo 2105. Image: Dtrocks / CC BY-SA-4.0

Former Minister of Justice of Tsipras Make the right-wing extremist Party Salon

The former Minister of Justice of the First two governments of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Nikos Paraskevopoulos, has taken care of on Sunday with an interview in the Zeitung Vradini for significant vortex in the Greek political world. He recommends an adoption of the Golden Morgenrote (Chrysi Avgi) to democratize the Neonazist Party.

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5. July is echelon day

Bundestag committee AB Hausung to Echelon AB, European Parliament decides on the Committee on Research

The Committee for European Affairs In the Bundestag, the British journalist Duncan Campbell and the Brandenburg state data protection Alexander Dix invited to a non-public session.

Campbell is talking about the history of the Stoa report on Echelon, its content and his treatment in the European Parliament. The discharge and dimensions as well as potential possibilities of the Abhere System and its legal bases will also be the subject of his speech. Campbell will also speak about the dangers arising from the Echelon system for Europe and German interests.

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Confidential document expects up to 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015

The family reunification could increase the number by "Factor 4 to 8" erhohen. CSU leader Seehofer predicts a rise in the number of asylum seekers in the coming months "Kollaps mit Ansage"

In an official paper marked as "Classified-confidential" marked official document, it is amed that the number of newly arriving asylum seekers will not decrease during the winter months. Der "Migrationsdruck" will continue to increase, with seven to ten thousand illegal border crossings per day expected for the fourth quarter, Bild-Zeitung quotes from the leaked report.

This adds new figures to the "We can do it"- Discussion brought. By the end of the year, there could be 1.5 million refugees, instead of the 800.000 or one million, which have so far been paid by the government as treasury. Already yesterday, however, a treasure of the CDU Minister of the Interior of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lorenz Caffier, became known, which coincides with the total number of the confidential Behordenbericht.

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Ten years of the wtc conspiracy

A review

"conspiracy theories reduce complex events to a simple cause (Sundenbock) and are therefore often used as a means of propaganda", had written my note on the morning of the 11. The title of my book on conspiracies and conspiracy theories, which I had started a few months earlier, was: "The events of September 2001". On the basis of historical examples, in an analysis of their structure and functioning, I wanted to arrive at a kind of meta-theory of conspiracy theories, and thus at a better understanding of this universal phenomenon.

For just as conspiracies – secret agreements, discreet betrayals, clandestine activities – occur almost everywhere, from love to business, from interpersonal relationships to those among corporations and nations, so frequently (or even more frequently) do the corresponding suspicions, the speculations or hypotheses of a possible conspiracy, or conspiracy theories, also exist. After a call from a friend that something had happened in New York, I sat in front of the TV like the rest of the world, amazed, and forgave my work in the face of the almost incomprehensible events.

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