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Munchen wants traffic problems with cable car loop

Visualization of the planned Munchner cable car: Image: © belly plan).(

At the airport a mini transrapid should be built

Munchen is Germany’s jam capital – and also the public transport works so badly that even Berliner like Felix of Leitner shocked. A little improvement should now bring a new means of transport, which is not transported on or under the earth, but via it: a cable car.

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Hungary and slovakia: bridge over troubled water

Iron Curtain over the Danube: the Rebirth of History?

Straddling the Danube between Komarno (Slovakia) to the north and Komarom (Hungary) to the south is a steel bridge known as the Elisabeth Bridge. It was built in 1892 and then connected the historical city of Komarom on the left bank of the Danube (now in Slovakia) with the town Újszony (in Hungary). Komarom and Újszony were united a few years later in 1898 and the new city simply called Komarom. After the First World War the historical city of Komarom became part of Czechoslovakia and renamed Komarno while the other side retained the name Komarom (in Hungarian the Slovak city of Komarno is referred to as Revkomarom, the Port of Komarom). The bridge, which had served as a link between two parts of a united city, now serves as a border crossing between two countries.

Elisabeth Bridge between Slovakia and Hungary. Photo. J. Horvath

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Spacex’s starship crashes again at landing

Spacex's Starship crashes again at landing' starship zerschellt erneut bei landung

Spacex performed another test flight with its Starship on Tuesday (Texas). While starting and flight are successful, the landing of the ninth prototype did not work. Instead of two brake strokes, only one of them has been serrated, so that Starship SN9 shrinking is bouncing and exploded on the ground.

In December, the process model Starship SN8 was gourding in the landing. At that time, however, the Starship was close to a facilitated landing than on Tuesday. The next prototype is already ready. Spacex had the SN10 self-confident next to the start and land lamp of the SN9. Unless apparent from the images of LiveUberrung, the explosion of the SN9 was not allowed to harm his successor SN10.

SPACEX SN9 Test flight of the Starship Prototype SN9 (Source: Spacex)

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Erdorbit rolls – also china plans satellite constellation for internet

Erdorbit rolls - also China plans satellite constellation for internet

In the global race for a satellite Internet, China now wants to establish itself as a gross teammate. So far, the company Spacex of the Tesla-Grand Elon Musk with his project StarLink and the London company OneWeb and the Amazon Group with similar projects Present. Now also China pace makes up with the establishment of a separate meganet of satellites. In April, under state management, the China Satellite Network Group was founded, all the activities bundled. According to the well-known planes, more than 20.000 Chinese satellites are brought into roundways.

It gets tight

With the many ten thousand other satellites who want to send Spacex, OneWeb and Amazon for their Internet services to all, it is really tight in the field of earth. Who comes first, grids first, is considered a motto. From landing in Wild-West Manier is talking about critics. "This is obviously the situation right now", Warns the Space Expert Jonathan McDowell from Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge in the US state of Massachusetts. He sees dangers for space travel by the already with space mulleten and now at extra-charged Erdorbit.

"I think a big collision is inevitable at a point", Says the astrophysicist of the German Press Agency. He suggests creating a supervisory body to control international traffic in space in order to reduce the risks. Also, the number of satellites will be limited in certain high to prevent a supervision.

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Continue guessing flight mh370

Iranian wanted to travel to Germany with stolen passport

Police in the Thai vacation metropolis of Pattaya have established the identity of the man who booked seats for the two men with stolen European passports on the plane that disappeared on Saturday.

According to the authorities, the person in question is Iranian national Kazem A., who is behind the unregistered agencies "Grand Horizon" and "Six Stars Travel" and often orders tickets for other people, which is why they are now investigating whether he is a smuggler. Besides smugglers, drug mules also often use stolen passports. However, the police have not yet found any evidence to suggest this possibility.

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